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Lesson of the Day: If You Really Wanted to Help…

Today’s lesson: If you really wanted to help, then you would have offered to get up with the crying baby instead of offering to stay in bed with him.

It’s summer and school just let out last week. That means that Grandma is back in town – or more specifically back in the guest room. I guess here is where I make a couple confessions: 1) I co-sleep with the baby. This comes from not wanting to spend hours sleeping in the rocking chair like I did with Liam. 2) We kicked Ian out of bed (and into the guest room) so that all three of us could get more sleep. We’ve had the occasional guest since Grandma left last year, but they all stayed for only one (weekend) night and we suffered through it. Grandma’s visit is different: it lasts about a month.

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Lesson of the Day: If You Put Things Where They Don’t Belong…

Today’s Lesson: If you put things where they don’t belong, then you’ll find them when you least expect it.

Back in July, when Callan was nearing his big 0.5, I dragged out the highchair – or what I could find of it. I spent a few days searching for the liner and straps. I swear I dug through every box that could possibly have it inside and a whole bunch that couldn’t. I looked under the stairs, in every closet, all through the basement storage room. In the end, I gave up. I didn’t even wind up going to the fabric store and picking up new webbing for straps. By the time I reconciled myself to the fact that I wouldn’t find the original straps anytime soon, I had discovered that Callan could stay in the seat perfectly well with the hip straps and the tray holding him in place.

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Fall Back, You’re Not So Cool

Once upon a time, in a distant life, I used to love the Fall time change. That was when I got an extra hour of in the morning or could stay up an hour later and not pay for it. Things have changed.

Now that I’m an adult with children of my own to look after, I’m supposed to be responsible. That means not staying up unnecessarily late or not sleeping in past a reasonable time.  It also means making sure the kids get to bed at a decent time and that they have breakfast when they wake up in the morning. Since Callan was born, I’ve mostly been able to get Aiden off to school and hop back in bed for for an extra 30 minutes before Liam gets up. That thirty minutes was often my lifeline to sanity. Well no more!

Thanks to Fall Back and an East facing bedroom window, I now have Liam getting up before Aiden’s finished his breakfast (and sometimes before he even starts). This, of course, means that I don’t get my little nap. Instead, I get to stay up and get breakfast for another little boy and watch as  they prevent each other from eating. This is, of course, a surefire way to turn a peaceful morning into a whiny “Stop it” fest which I will have to interrupt in order to preserve what little sanity I may have in the morning.

The early morning wake-ups wouldn’t be so bad if only ALL of the kids would go to sleep at a decent time. As it stands, Callan has been keeping me up late and preventing me from sleeping once I get into bed which leaves me rather exhausted when I get up to make Aiden’s lunch.

Maybe some year in the future, I’ll be able to enjoy that extra hour again…but this is not that year.

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Lesson of the Day: Bathtubs Are Scary?

Today’s lesson: Bathtubs are scary or remember the past because it will help with the present.

As I found myself sitting in a little shy of two inches of (cooling) water nursing a no-longer-screaming baby, I wondered just how I had gotten there. Up until that point (with the exception of the previous bath), I’d had a wonderfully compliant baby who loved to splash and kick in the tub and would let me wash his hair and clean him thoroughly with no problems. I’d have to say that it started with the previous bath: he was sitting there, cutely splashing away as I washed his hair. Then, I tried to get him to lean back on his sling – something we’ve used for months – so I could rinse his hair and, out of nowhere, he started screaming bloody murder and trying to escape. I had to get Ian to come hold him for me so I could finish up his bath.

Fast forward to this bath: everything was fine…until I put him in the water. The screaming and struggling to get out started instantly. I had Ian come in to help me, but there was little he could do to help since Callan kept trying to climb out of the tub and into my arms. I figured that since he wanted me, the least I could do to make him stay in the tub so I could wash him is get in the tub with him. I have to note here that since seeing the episode of House with the woman and baby in the tub where something happened to the woman and the baby almost drowned (a few years ago, when Liam was still little), I’ve been quite adamant that I’d never get into the tub with my baby for fear of something bad happening. So I climbed into the tub with him and the first thing he thought of was snack time… Consequently, there I was in about two inches of water, nursing a baby while I tried to rinse the soap off him and wash his hair.

After I wondered out loud where this sudden fear of the bathtub came from, Ian reminded me that Liam did the same thing. In fact, now that I think about it, I remember months of trading off having showers with Liam because we couldn’t get him in the tub at all – at least not without a fuss and no one likes a fuss. Perhaps, if I had remembered this sooner, Callan’s sudden switch to bath-fearing my not have come as such a surprise. Now that I’ve remembered, I suppose there will me more baby-holding showers in my future. At least Liam has gone back to loving bath time again; I don’t think I could take having showers with two squiggly kids.


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Lesson of the Day: What Goes Around Comes Around

Today’s lesson: What goes around comes around OR Now you know how your brother felt when you kept taking his toys.

This afternoon marked one of the first in a sure to be long line of complaints from Liam about Callan touching his toys. Earlier, Liam had dragged out the Mega Blocks My Pirate Ship so he could play with it in the living room. There he was standing in front of the couch with the pirate ship sitting on the cushions as he played with all the bits and pieces when I heard, “Mummy, get Callan.” This is Liam’s cue that he doesn’t like where Callan is. Sure enough, Callan was standing at the opposite end of the couch from me, inching his way towards that really interesting toy that his big brother was playing with.

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Liam’s Book Club: Mommy’s Best Kisses

Mommy’s Best Kisses by Margaret Anastas Illustrated by Susan Winter

It seems that most of our best baby/toddler books were given to us as opposed to us buying them. Mommy’s Best Kisses is no exception unless you count the fact that I can’t quite remember who gave it to us (shame on me for not writing it down like my mother used to). I have a sneaking suspicion it was the same Aunt who gave us the Boynton books, but I could be wrong. Regardless of where it came from, it is a wonderful addition to our collection.

Mommy’s Best Kisses takes you through a day full of kisses between a mother and child culminating in bedtime with a promise of more kisses the next day. With sweet little two page rhymes like, “I kiss your small hands as you reach for my face, I kiss your sweet neck – it’s my favorite place.” and touching illustrations by Susan Winter, it’s bound to become more Mommy’s favorite book than your little one’s but it’s still oh-so-adorable and a good soothing read.

Personally, I love giving the kisses as I read each page, though whether you do that or not is up to you.

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Liam’s Book Club: I’m a Big Brother!

I’m a Big Brother! by Ronne Randall, illustrated by Kristina Stephenson

One of our newest acquisitions, I’m a Big Brother! was a gift for Liam from Grandma (Ian’s mother) when she came to visit after Callan was born. It begins on the day that Luke’s parents bring the new gender non-specific baby home from the hospital (Liam has named this baby Callan and I am required to replace the word Baby with Callan) and deals with his desire to  play with his new sibling who needs to grow first.

It’s a sweet little story that doesn’t show any of the jealousy that I was scared of getting from Liam. I consider it a wonderful example for him and consequently read it to him quite a bit…to the point that he started requesting it. This, too, got added to our bedtime story list which generally made it difficult to make sure that I read Luke but said Liam (reading when you’re tired always makes it harder to switch names like that).

All in all, it’s a great story and I would totally recommend it to parents who are worried about their toddler’s reaction to his new little brother or sister. There is also one for little girls called I’m a Big Sister!

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