Lesson of the Day: If You’re Going to Forget an Appointment…

Today’s Lesson: If you’re going to forget an appointment, then at least live within walking distance.

I seem to be racking up a few “not the first time” experiences. The most recent one is the forgotten dentist appointment. Last year, when Callan was still tiny, we got a call from the dentist asking if we were going to show up for the boys’ appointment. We were already late! Thankfully, we live about a seven minute walk from the dentist. We dragged the boys out the door and got them there before our time was up.

Yesterday, I remembered the dentist appointment and I didn’t remember it. I knew that Liam had an appointment. In fact it was written on the calendar. Every time I walked by, I reminded myself that I had to get him there. I planned the day around it and made sure the boys had plenty of time for lunch before we had to leave. When Aiden asked if he had to go too, I said, “No, you can stay home. It’s just Liam’s appointment.”

I got the two little boys out the door and to the dentist with time to spare. When I got there, I found out that their usual dentist was no longer with them (she had found a full time position at another office and no longer had the time to pick up extra shifts). We waited for a little while and then someone came over to tell us it would be another five minutes before they’d be ready for us. When the hygienist came out for us, they asked which boy was going first: Liam or Aiden…

Wait, Liam or Aiden? Uh oh. Aiden was at home, happily playing on his computer and he was supposed to be at the dentist yesterday, too. She started making noise about rescheduling Aiden since he wasn’t there so I did the only thing I could think of. I called Aiden and told him to brush his teeth and get to the dentist, “remember to lock the door, come straight here.” Then I went back inside and told her that Liam was going first.

We got the three of us situated and I watched out the window for Aiden. He arrived a couple minutes sooner than I expected him to even though I was watching well before he got there. I left Liam in the chair to go make sure that Aiden was situated in the waiting room then went back to make sure that Liam wasn’t freaking out (his appointments last year didn’t go so well).

Eventually, we got through the two appointments. Between the two boys, there was only one cavity (granted on an adult tooth which didn’t impress Ian at all) and they escaped with three toys – one for Callan – and a slew of appointments for later.

Today, I took a look at the calendar for something and found that I had, indeed, written the dentist appointment down. Not only had I written it down, I had written Liam and Aiden at the top of the box for the 30th. There it was, in plain sight, proof that both boys were expected and yet all week I read it as just Liam. I was sure I had scheduled Aiden for a different day. I guess I should pay better attention when  I’m reading my calendar.

We really are lucky that we live in walking distance of the dentist. My little slip-up wouldn’t have turned out so well if we had to drive or take the bus to get there. Granted, I must admit that that was by design. I chose that dentist because they were so close.

So how many of you forgot appointments? Did you manage to make it before your time was up, or did you have to reschedule?


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