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Mother In Waiting

I have a friend – Cheryl – whom I’ve known for well over 20 years. The other day, I got a message from her asking for help. While many of the rest of people I went to school with have had at least one child (if they want any), she and her husband are struggling. Over the past few years, they’ve dealt with a variety of health problems and preexisting conditions. The result of these problems and conditions is that natural conception is not an option for them. She and her husband would love to have children and would be great parents to any children they manage to have. They have attempted In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) already which resulted in a pregnancy that, unfortunately, ended in the miscarriage of a much loved and wanted baby.

Cheryl and Colin would like to try IVF again, but the cost is prohibitive. It costs $14,000 per treatment. That’s $14,000 that our provincial health plans won’t cover. They’re asking for help because even with them both working (and Cheryl at two jobs), it’s difficult for them to pull together that $14,000 without going into debt. They’ve already raised 1/10th of the funds they need for the procedure but they still need another $12,600 .

She asked me to help spread the word. So this is for Cheryl – a mother-in-waiting: if you can spare a little bit, please go here to donate. If you can’t, please consider helping to spread the word so that those who can donate have the chance to help Cheryl and Colin start their family.

To all those who help even just a little bit, thank you.


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