The 12 to 25 Days of Christmas – Day Twelve

I finally made it to day 12! Now I won’t have to worry that I lied when I titled this series. I’ll also add my apologies for neglecting to post this before Christmas…the closer it got, the less time I had. I also took a little break. Now that Aiden is back in school and things are back to normal, I’ll have a little more time.

This was the tree decorating day. I got smart and pulled out all of my Christmas stuff the night before (and one box that didn’t have Christmas stuff  but that I should have looked in way back in July). This way I wouldn’t use not having the boxes out as an excuse to not do it like I had the day before. Of course, that morning, I instantly got distracted. First I had to get a couple boxes out of reach of both of the little boys. Then, when I opened the big box, I found the garland I’d been holding on to and never using for years. So I used it.

We’ve got a railing along the top edge of the stairs. I used gold ribbon to tie it on in several places and then went to work decorating. One of the boxes I had brought up the previous night had a bunch of birds on sticks with cones and greenery on them. I stuck a bunch of those in the garland, added red ribbon and then made  bows out of the gold ribbon and stuck them in as well. I’m rather pleased with the result.

This method of procrastination complete, I went looking for others ways of putting off decorating with a couple of kids on my hands. I used up the obvious ones like feeding the kid and nursing and was once again left with nothing to do except decorate the tree. So I did. I wound up dropping Callan into his play pen and had to send Liam (and eventually Aiden) away so I could get ornaments on the tree without tripping over someone at every turn. When the kids are big enough that I don’t have to put the tree in a corner for fear of them knocking it down, I’ll let them help.

Aiden had originally wanted a star for the top, but it turns out I don’t have one. Liam and I compromised with the intention of making a large gold bow…which I didn’t make. In the end, I put up the angel that I’ve used for years (made by my mother).

I did have a few other days worth of things to post but, since I’m a couple weeks late, I’ll just have to do it all again next year. This time I swear that I’ll get started on December 1st and be quicker in getting the house decorated, presents bought and wrapped, and pictures takes…not to mention the baking.


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