The 12 to 25 Days of Christmas – Day Eleven

Day eleven was one of the more productive days. I finally got Ian to help me move the TV which gave me the corner to put the tree in. Consequently, I could put the tree up. It may not be decorated, but it’s most definitely up. So why was moving the TV (and all the other furniture in the living room) so important? Well, last year, we put the tree along the wall that divides the kitchen and the living room. That gave the tree a whole 180 degrees of tipablilty. That’s fine when the youngest is 2.5 years old and you can tell him to move. It’s not so cool when the youngest is 11 months old and delights in doing exactly what you tell him not to. As a result, I opted for a corner which would only give 90 degrees of tipability. The TV was in the best one…and I had to rearrange the entire room to make the new TV placement work.

I also managed to get Callan to sit in his highchair long enough for me to finish off the last four bows to go on the internal doors. They look much better than the original two (even if I say so myself…and I do). It’s amazing the difference that a silent/eating baby can make.

On one of my passes through the basement, I grabbed Dancing Santa – the bane of my Christmas last year. He’s about a foot tall and dances to Jingle Bell Rock. There’s really nothing wrong with that since I like Jingle Bell Rock, but the volume and frequency of playtime was enough to make me want to through him out the window and then secure the premises so he couldn’t get back in. Alas, this year he is on my desk. At least I get to control when he gets turned on and off this year (and how loud he is).

Finally, I dug out a sheet of window decals that my mother sent me a few years ago. It had about 15 snowflakes on it in blue, silver, and white. Liam helped me place them on the living room window…or maybe I helped him, it’s hard to say. Either way, we got them all up and then threw on our coats and boots to go outside and look at them. By this time, I needed a break. Then end result is that decorating the tree got put off until Sunday.


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