Lesson of the Day: If You Put Things Where They Don’t Belong…

Today’s Lesson: If you put things where they don’t belong, then you’ll find them when you least expect it.

Back in July, when Callan was nearing his big 0.5, I dragged out the highchair – or what I could find of it. I spent a few days searching for the liner and straps. I swear I dug through every box that could possibly have it inside and a whole bunch that couldn’t. I looked under the stairs, in every closet, all through the basement storage room. In the end, I gave up. I didn’t even wind up going to the fabric store and picking up new webbing for straps. By the time I reconciled myself to the fact that I wouldn’t find the original straps anytime soon, I had discovered that Callan could stay in the seat perfectly well with the hip straps and the tray holding him in place.

So, fast forward us to late December, little Callan has been using that highchair without shoulder straps for almost five months now. He can sit up on his own and no longer needs them anyway.

Last night, I decided to pull up all the boxes of Christmas tree decorations (and the rest of the Christmas stuff). I had already brought two boxes up before putting Liam to bed. After getting Liam down – while Ian still had the baby – I opted to try for a couple more…or the rest of them if I could before Callan noticed that I was moving around without him. I moved the smaller boxes so that I could bring the bigger ones up first. Then, in my curiosity, I opened a box that was wide but short, just to see what was in it. There, right at the top of the box, sat the liner and shoulder straps for the highchair.

It turns out, that one of the boxes was not like the others. That box actually, had crayons, puzzles, and colouring books in it…and the highchair liner. It had been packed up in the back of the basement (when we were packing to move) and apparently had some extra space in it so one of us dropped the liner in there (which had been under the wet bar sink) to keep stuff from moving around too much (and possibly falling out). The funny part is that I’d also been wondering where those puzzles had gotten to. They’re the educational ones with numbers 0-9 and the alphabet. Now that Liam has become the puzzle master, they’re a great find and, since he loves to colour, so is the pad of blank paper that he got for Christmas two years ago.

Now all I have to do is try not to lose the liner again before it’s time to sell or donate the highchair.


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