Liam’s Book Club: Mouse’s First Snow

Mouse’s First Snow by Lauren Thompson illustrated by Buket Erdogan

This is the third of the new holiday books that I read to Liam and one that he’s made me read twice already.

As Mouse stares out the window at the snow, Poppa suggests that they go out to play. Poppa teaches little Mouse how to slide, skate, and make snow angels before showing him how to make a giant snowball. Mouse, wanting to do exactly what Poppa does, copies as best as he can. In the end, Poppa uses the two snowballs to make a snowmouse (complete with nose, eyes, and whiskers!).

While totally worth the $1.43 for the softcover version through Scholastic, I’m quite sure I would never buy the hardcover version with a list price of $18.95 (unless it’s a gift for another family). That being said, there is a board book version for $9.99 that I can see getting for a baby’s first winter/Christmas. The large print combined with limited text on each page makes this an ideal book to read to a younger baby but it will still be of interest to a pre-K child so you can get a few years of use out of it if you buy it early.


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