The 12 to 25 Days of Christmas – Day Ten

Day ten was definitely one of my more pathetic attempts it decorating. It was also supposed to have a healthy dose of Christmas shopping with the boys after Aiden got home from school – Friday’s are half days. Unfortunately, we got off to a bad start with the shopping because Liam refused to eat lunch, and then Callan wanted to drink. Every time I got everyone close to leaving, I had to stop and nurse or fix hair, or clean faces, and then the boys got themselves distracted again. We didn’t get out the door until after 4PM.

Starting with the poor decorating attempts: we got another Christmas card in the mail and I figured since that brought our count up to two (yes, we’re so popular!) I should display them somewhere. Since we’ve moved, we no longer have a mantel that I can put them on so I had to resort to taping them somewhere. Since we had a wreath on the front door, and I was putting bows on the bedroom and bathroom doors, I settled on the linen closet door. So, our two cards are taped to the door and I’m hoping we’ll get a couple more to add to them before I take everything down in January. The lack of cards is also a hint to write my own cards…I should get on that.

When it came to shopping, I made a huge mistake in taking them through Toys R Us instead of going straight for Zellers or hitting up a regular mall entrance. I ended up getting a Yu Gi Oh starter deck for Aiden and some little Spiderman figurines (Spiderman and Doc Ock) for Liam. They also went window shopping for what they might like as gifts from Aiden’s grandfather who went shopping with Aiden on Saturday (or today). When I finally got them out of the toy store, I had to feed them.

Eventually, I managed to get them down to business: looking for a Christmas gift for their father. We ended up having no luck in Zellers (though the boys did walk out with some Crayola stuff) and I wound up having to take Aiden to another store to pick up what we were looking for while Ian (who had come to pick us up) took Liam. No pictures though…their father knows how to use the internet.

Our last stop before heading home was The Children’s Place. The card we had received earlier in the day just happened to have a gift card in it and I needed to pick up some Christmas clothes for Callan because he’s too big for the ones that I did Liam’s Santa pictures in (darn them being born at different times of the year). It seems that there were more children born between December and February last year than there were 2007 or 2008 in total…or at least I can never find clothes in Callan’s size. In the end, I wound up buying  an 18m sweater that will go with some pants and socks that we already have. He’ll grow out of a 12m one soon enough anyway. Now he’s ready for his Santa pictures, which I’ll do Tuesday morning when I go to pick up my copy of SWTOR.




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