The 12 to 25 Days of Christmas – Day Nine

Day nine wasn’t nearly as productive as I’d anticipated. The original plan was to take that unwired flocked ribbon that I’d intended to buy on Sunday and decorate the doors like presents. Sadly, I didn’t get my ribbon, so I had to use the wired one I’d had the presence of mind to pick up at Costco.

One thing that I consider rather important when it comes to Christmas decorating: wires and babies don’t mix. This, of course takes a great deal of fun out of decorating…and is also the reason my doors don’t quite look like presents (though I’m sure, on a roll of film somewhere, I’ve got a picture of a door that I did manage to decorate once upon a time when I was still in university), and instead just have bows on them. Even the bows aren’t quite up to my standards in quantity or fullness as I was making them with little Callan in the playpen and he was objecting rather loudly.

I got two doors done – Liam’s bedroom and the master bedroom. Liam loves them and has been after me ever since to put more up. I believe, “You didn’t do the bathroom door,” came out of his mouth the other day. That confused me since I had just been down the hall shutting doors to keep the baby out of the rooms down there and I was positive that I’d shut the bathroom door (duh!). He’s also been after me to do the rooms downstairs, which I really should do. There’s no reason not to decorate downstairs even if our Grinch does spend most of this time down there.


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