Liam’s Book Club: The Biggest Christmas Tree Ever

The Biggest Christmas Tree Ever by Steve Kroll illustrated by Jeni Bassett

Yesterday, our new Scholastic order arrived and I figured that I’d read a new book to Liam every night between now and Christmas when I’ll give him the rest of the books from the package. First up was The Biggest Christmas Tree Ever. Both Clayton the town mouse and Desmond the country mouse decide that they want to find the biggest, best looking Christmas tree they’ve ever seen. Unlike TV/movie world, this does not result in a tree lot brawl. On the contrary, they work together to find the most awesome tree on the lot. Then, they gather family and friends to help them get the tree back to town.

So not only is it a cute little Christmas story,  but it gives a lesson about cooperating and helps tell children that if you work together then you can have something better than if you do things by yourself. Overall, totally worth the $1.43 or so that the package pricing comes to ($19.99 for 13-14 books).


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