Liam’s Book Club: That’s Not My Santa

That’s Not My Santa by Fiona Watt and Rachel Wells

I am absolutely certain that I bought this one. It came from Coles in the mall I was working at a couple years ago. At the time, they still had shelves for their promo items and it was difficult to find anything there (for me at least). Now they’ve got tables at the front and it’s much better.

When I picked it up, Liam was somewhere between one and two years old and was still very much into letting me read to him (something which he’s started again). He latched onto this book and even a year later had me reading it to him in the middle of summer.

That’s Not My Santa follows a little mouse on his hunt for his Santa (as opposed to all the other Santas…) Each page shows a Santa with a reason why he’s not the mouse’s Santa along with a touch and feel item (gloves, boots, hat, etc). Finally, the mouse finds his Santa who happens to have a soft fluffy beard. It may not seem like much, but it has everything a young child could ask for: something to feel, phrasing he (or she) can repeat, something to look for, and Santa!


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