The 12 to 25 Days of Christmas – Day Eight

On the eighth day, I baked…and iced. I had both of these projects on my mind for a few days now and figured I should get them out of the way – especially since I had already baked the cupcakes on Monday (so I didn’t do all of the baking today. They were meant to be yesterday’s project but Callan had objections). I will fully admit that, once again, I cheated and didn’t make either item from scratch (unless you’re talking about the icing because you can’t top home made icing). That being said, they still taste great.

So what did I bake? First up: chocolate cupcakes with mint chocolate chips in them, iced with vanilla icing and topped with crushed candy canes. There’s something so very satisfying about smashing candy canes with a rolling pin…or maybe that’s just my inner child talking. Second project: chocolate fudge brownies with vanilla icing and Christmas sprinkles. I was tempted to make the icing mint for these but a) I ended up icing them first and b) I wasn’t sure if that would go over well with the boys. I may love mint icing on my brownies but that doesn’t mean everyone does.

I decorated one cupcake early so that Liam could take it to preschool with him. It passed his approval. By that I mean that he ate all the icing and candy can topping and barely ate the cupcake itself but even that was deemed worthy enough to eat more of when we got home and then stick in the fridge for later. The rest of the family (minus Callan – no sugar for him) taste-tested them after dinner and a good dessert was had by all. So far, I’m the only one to try a brownie but that’s because crushed candy cane trumps mini trees made of sugar any day. I’ll be sending a couple to school with Aiden tomorrow.


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