The 12 to 25 Days of Christmas – Day Seven

Ribbon! Glorious ribbon! I know what you’re thinking: Is she crazy? The answer is, “Yes! Crazy about ribbon!” Okay, maybe it would make more sense if you knew that ever since I was a child, I have loved (though my mother may contradict me) decorating presents (yes, sometimes with a dozen layers of wrapping paper and tape). It doesn’t hurt to know that in my late teens and early twenties, I worked at my parent’s fabric store where I wound up wrapping and making giant bows for sewing machines (and occasionally sewing baskets) every Christmas. We also made bows for customers when they bought ribbon and couldn’t make a bow to save their souls. So, between the textiles background and the joy I find in making presents look pretty – regardless of the fact that no one in my house cares…or even reads a gift tag – I foster a love of ribbon.

On Day Seven (which just happened to be Sunday), I bought four spools of ribbon to help with my gift wrapping and house decorating. I would have bought more, but I figured I should a little restraint. After all, each spool has over 45 meters on it so that will last me a while. I do need more curling ribbon, though. What would possess me to buy full spools of ribbon? Where would I get them? Costco, of course! As with everything they sell, they do it in excess.  The best part is that they only cost $7.49 each (hence my buying four instead of just one). Unfortunately, Costco didn’t have the ribbon that I was actually looking for: flocked ribbon that can be used indoors or outdoors.

So, I wound up going to Michael’s in my quest for ribbon. I left with Christmas cookie cutters, pipe cleaners in Christmas colours and these cute little Santa candies on a stick (yes, impulse advertising works on me even though I know exactly why it’s there). I did not find my ribbon. Oh, they had lots of ribbon, just not the one that I was looking for, so I came home without it. It turns out that it was available at Home Depot…which was next door to Michael’s. Darn! Although, 9.14 meters really isn’t that much. At least I have cookie cutters now. Putting Christmas cookies on sticks will be much easier with them.



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