The 12 to 25 Days of Christmas – Day Six

Day six was all about the shopping! I fed the kids supper, packed up the baby and went out to the mall for a couple hours of uninterrupted shopping. I have to say that the difference between shopping with a three-year-old and shopping without one is amazing. The main targets of the day were Memory (with superheroes) for Liam and some trading cards for Aiden since his friends had started giving him their doubles and I figured he should have some more so he could actually trade…or even play. Sadly, I failed when it came to Objective: Memory and wound up getting Shrek instead. It won’t make too much of a difference since he loves both, but I am still a little disappointed that I didn’t get the one I wanted (serves me right for not going sooner).

The awesomeness that is Super Hero Squad, sadly became Shrek…who is still cool, but cannot hold a candle to Wolverine in my little boy’s eyes.


The trading card adventure was far more successful…unless we’re talking about bank account levels. Aiden’s friends have been giving him both Pokémon and Yu Gi Oh cards and, as I was at a loss as to which one to concentrate on, I got both. I know, bad idea. The clerk mad a comment about it being rather expensive to collect cards (he’s right). I told him that that’s what an allowance is for. So, I wound up picking up a Yu-Gi-Oh Collector’s Tin  along with a few booster packs and then I picked up a couple packs of Pokémon cards as well. These will be divided between gifts from us and stocking stuffers. Of course, I need to be clear that the Pokémon cards are NOT Black and White. Apparently, it is a crime to mention Black and White (or at least that’s the conclusion I came to after the response I got when I asked Aiden whether they were regular or Black and White cards).

Along with a few stocking stuffers (can you say die cast Wolverine car?), I rounded out the trip with the Angry Birds Toss Game along with an Angry  Birds lanyard for Aiden (for when he turns 10 next month and is old enough to have a key…more on that another time) and magnets for Liam since he loves sticking stuff on the fridge. Why Angry Birds? Because the boys – especially Liam – love watching their Dad play it on his phone (or trying to play it themselves). For a while, it was our primary method of getting Liam to stay in his bed at night…and then Ian had to charge his phone before he could go to work in the morning.


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