The 12 to 25 Days of Christmas – Day Five

I’m a little behind on the posting (again) so I’ll make this one rather short and move on to day six. Today was all about the Christmas carols! I forced Liam and Callan to listen to them during breakfast and refused to turn them off when Liam started watching Spiderman on Netflix. The CD of choice?

We Need a Little Christmas Holiday Sing-Along.  Ian’s mother picked it up last year after hearing the Singing Santa CD that I had picked up the year before (which was more about supporting the Santa who sang in the mall I worked in and kept us entertained over the holidays than it was about good music) – she really didn’t like that one. So, this one is sung by children and while it’s no Bing Crosby, it’s at least passable for kids. I really should dig out the old Fisher Price record player and records to see if we have the Sesame Street Christmas album here…now that’s a good one for the kids to listen to.

I’ve just realized that now that the majority of the kids in the house are over the age of two, I need to work on my Christmas collection. Got any suggestions?


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