The 12 to 25 Days of Christmas – Days Three and Four

I’m combining days three and four both because I’m a little slow in posting and because I didn’t get much done either day. Day three was the big triumph wherein I actually put away the Halloween stuff including the candy bags after I removed the last of the candy from them…I know the boys still have candy left, what is wrong with them? I followed that up by bringing out my wreath and hanging it in the inside of the front door.

As soon as Ian saw it he asked if it shouldn’t be on the outside. I had to remind him that there’s no room between our doors. I would have put it on the screen door if only I could find my magnetic wreath holder…which I may find once I open up all the Christmas boxes. Liam, on the other hand, watched as I put it up and then said, “Cool!” As far as I’m concerned, that’s a much better response.

Alas, day four involved neither baking nor decorating. So how is this counted as a day? I shoveled out our walkways and sidewalk while occasionally singing Christmas carols. Frankly though, I wouldn’t have counted it at all if the snow hadn’t been a good 6 inches or more deep. That’s right, our lawn officially looks like Christmas.


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