The 12 to 25 Days of Christmas

Now that I’ve already put one post up, let me explain. Years ago, my mother said something about not decorating her fabric store for Christmas before Remembrance Day. Her house went even further in that it was mid-December before  all the Christmas decorations went up. In recent years, I’ve been hit and miss with early decorating but this year I got the bug in November. I promised myself that I’d wait until December since there’s at least one Grinch in the house. With the exception of the baked -in-September fruit cakes, I’ve done no Christmas baking or decorating before December 1st. All of that was due to change yesterday. I was going to get out my boxes and get a start on my decorating. Unfortunately, I had a hectic day and wound up using my cheater cookies a little early. Still, I plan to do in December what I failed to do in November: write every day (or at least every other day) even if it’s just a short little note about what progress I’ve made at adding a little Christmas cheer to the house. So, this is it – the 12 to 25 Days of Christmas during which I will decorate, shop, wrap, and bake my way to Christmas cheer.


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