The 12 to 25 Days of Christmas – Day One

So I held off doing anything Christmas-y (aside from gift shopping and making) until the beginning of December. Today was supposed to be my big start but with a sick baby (and the real baby has a cold too), preschool for Liam, and Aiden’s parent-teacher meeting this afternoon, I wound up not having enough time to really get started…that and my living room is a mess so I have to clean it up (and put away the Halloween stuff) before I can truly decorate for Christmas.

I may have considered starting with Bits ‘n’ Bites, especially since I made sure to buy all the important ingredients a week or two ago, but I did neglect to pick up worcestershire  sauce consequently, I don’t have everything I need for it. So, I cheated. I got smart yesterday while waiting for our mass doctor’s appointment and picked up some of the Pillsbury Christmas cookies.

You know the ones, they usually run commercials for them with perfect mothers taking perfect cookies out of the (perfect) oven in her perfectly clean kitchen and then she serves them to her perfect child (who happens to be perfectly clean…where do they find these kids?) and they smile their perfect smiles at each other. Yeah…we’re not so perfect here, but I can still put cheater cookies on a tray and stick them in the oven.

Apparently, taking them out on time, is another story. The problem is that the instructions said 8-10 minutes. I always put things in for the lower time and then check them. So at 8 minutes, I checked my cookies, deemed them not quite done and stuck them in for a little longer. That was a bad idea. They were, in fact, done or very well done by the time I got them out. Regardless, they have been taste-tested by Liam and  approved for consumption – his consumption. The second pan turned out much better and will probably be gone withing 24 hours.


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