Fall Back, You’re Not So Cool

Once upon a time, in a distant life, I used to love the Fall time change. That was when I got an extra hour of in the morning or could stay up an hour later and not pay for it. Things have changed.

Now that I’m an adult with children of my own to look after, I’m supposed to be responsible. That means not staying up unnecessarily late or not sleeping in past a reasonable time.  It also means making sure the kids get to bed at a decent time and that they have breakfast when they wake up in the morning. Since Callan was born, I’ve mostly been able to get Aiden off to school and hop back in bed for for an extra 30 minutes before Liam gets up. That thirty minutes was often my lifeline to sanity. Well no more!

Thanks to Fall Back and an East facing bedroom window, I now have Liam getting up before Aiden’s finished his breakfast (and sometimes before he even starts). This, of course, means that I don’t get my little nap. Instead, I get to stay up and get breakfast for another little boy and watch as  they prevent each other from eating. This is, of course, a surefire way to turn a peaceful morning into a whiny “Stop it” fest which I will have to interrupt in order to preserve what little sanity I may have in the morning.

The early morning wake-ups wouldn’t be so bad if only ALL of the kids would go to sleep at a decent time. As it stands, Callan has been keeping me up late and preventing me from sleeping once I get into bed which leaves me rather exhausted when I get up to make Aiden’s lunch.

Maybe some year in the future, I’ll be able to enjoy that extra hour again…but this is not that year.


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