Liam’s Book Club: Chicken Cheeks

Chicken Cheeks by Michael Ian Black Illustrated by Kevin Hawkes

This is another of my Scholastic finds that I picked up simply because it was $5 or less. It is available in other stores but only in hardcover which makes it far more expensive. I have to admit, that I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when Aiden brought it home from school with him, but I was surprised. The blurb from the publisher starts like this: “Some bears will go to any length to get some honey. This one recruits every animal that comes along to form, well, a stack.”

So it’s a book about cooperation…as only one who can still think like a little boy can write. In fact, these men have the thinking like a little boy down so well that MY little boys loved the book to the point of making me read it several times on the day they got it and refusing to allow their father to touch it. Oh, and Liam slept with it that first night.

There’s very little text per page (just 2-5 words) and lots of blue space but the illustrations are quite well done and what text there is gets straight to the point. Really though, if you’ve got a sense of humor, this is a great little book. If, however, you find butt jokes tasteless, this is not the book for you.


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