Lesson of the Day: Bathtubs Are Scary?

Today’s lesson: Bathtubs are scary or remember the past because it will help with the present.

As I found myself sitting in a little shy of two inches of (cooling) water nursing a no-longer-screaming baby, I wondered just how I had gotten there. Up until that point (with the exception of the previous bath), I’d had a wonderfully compliant baby who loved to splash and kick in the tub and would let me wash his hair and clean him thoroughly with no problems. I’d have to say that it started with the previous bath: he was sitting there, cutely splashing away as I washed his hair. Then, I tried to get him to lean back on his sling – something we’ve used for months – so I could rinse his hair and, out of nowhere, he started screaming bloody murder and trying to escape. I had to get Ian to come hold him for me so I could finish up his bath.

Fast forward to this bath: everything was fine…until I put him in the water. The screaming and struggling to get out started instantly. I had Ian come in to help me, but there was little he could do to help since Callan kept trying to climb out of the tub and into my arms. I figured that since he wanted me, the least I could do to make him stay in the tub so I could wash him is get in the tub with him. I have to note here that since seeing the episode of House with the woman and baby in the tub where something happened to the woman and the baby almost drowned (a few years ago, when Liam was still little), I’ve been quite adamant that I’d never get into the tub with my baby for fear of something bad happening. So I climbed into the tub with him and the first thing he thought of was snack time… Consequently, there I was in about two inches of water, nursing a baby while I tried to rinse the soap off him and wash his hair.

After I wondered out loud where this sudden fear of the bathtub came from, Ian reminded me that Liam did the same thing. In fact, now that I think about it, I remember months of trading off having showers with Liam because we couldn’t get him in the tub at all – at least not without a fuss and no one likes a fuss. Perhaps, if I had remembered this sooner, Callan’s sudden switch to bath-fearing my not have come as such a surprise. Now that I’ve remembered, I suppose there will me more baby-holding showers in my future. At least Liam has gone back to loving bath time again; I don’t think I could take having showers with two squiggly kids.



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2 responses to “Lesson of the Day: Bathtubs Are Scary?

  1. I get in the bath with Jack, and I saw that episode of House too, so whenever I have to give him his bath when Nathan isn’t home I’m extremley paranoid.
    Luckily he still likes the bath itself … mostly. He doesn’t like to lie back so I can rinse him off, he wants to sit up and play in the water with a few toys. So whenever I have to lie him back he starts to squirm around and straining to sit up (which can be pretty funny to see sometimes but makes the rinising process much more difficult).

    • If you’re lucky, Jack will continue to love his bath times, but be prepared for him to start not liking the bath. I don’t know what it is, but both Liam and Callan started the standing and screaming thing before they hit a year.

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