Liam’s Book Club: My Little Animal Book

My Little Animal Book from Priddy Books*

Grandma (a.k.a. Ian’s mother) picked this one up during her summer visit in 2010 and it instantly became a point of contention between the two boys. Both Aiden and Liam were fascinated with the photographs and decided that the book wasn’t meant to be shared. As they pulled the book back and forth across our kitchen table while yelling at each other over who it belonged to, I cursed my mother-in-law under my breath for introducing the cause of the disagreement to the household. The truth was, though, that I liked it as much as they did even if it was for it’s educational uses.

The pictures are organized by where you would find the animals or what type they are – Liam particularly loved the In the Sea page – and each has the name of the animal below it to help younger identify them. This is also great for younger readers because they can see the spelling of the animal names that they already know which can help them identify the words in other books.

Aside from the constant bickering, the worst part of this book is the orangy-red and white plaid on the cover. Because it spent an awful lot of time in the kitchen, I would frequently mistake it for a Better Homes and Gardens cookbook that my mother owned. For months, I thought she had given it to me whenever I saw this book only to realize that it wasn’t what I thought it was. Regardless, it’s an awesome little (big) picture book and I would recommend it (or the big one) to anyone who loves animals or wants her/his kids to.

*If you’re looking for this one online, the author is cited as Roger Priddy, but on the inside cover, credit goes to Jo Rigg. It is also sold out through Indigo but you can get My Big Animal Book which is an inch or so bigger in width and height and doesn’t have the deceptive plaid on the cover.


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