Lesson of the Day: What Goes Around Comes Around

Today’s lesson: What goes around comes around OR Now you know how your brother felt when you kept taking his toys.

This afternoon marked one of the first in a sure to be long line of complaints from Liam about Callan touching his toys. Earlier, Liam had dragged out the Mega Blocks My Pirate Ship so he could play with it in the living room. There he was standing in front of the couch with the pirate ship sitting on the cushions as he played with all the bits and pieces when I heard, “Mummy, get Callan.” This is Liam’s cue that he doesn’t like where Callan is. Sure enough, Callan was standing at the opposite end of the couch from me, inching his way towards that really interesting toy that his big brother was playing with.

They are currently playing a slow version of chase from one end of the couch to the other as Liam moves the ship away and Callan creeps closer so that he can touch it. All the while Liam is complaining about Callan wanting to play with his toys. This brings back memories of just over a year ago when Liam was just over two and Aiden was eight. You see, this particular pirate ship came from Ottawa in Aiden’s box of toys that he had in Ottawa before we moved out here. (By the way, the pirate ship is now on the chair next to the couch and the baby is still only at the middle of the couch.) He was four when we came out here and by last summer hadn’t played with anything in the box for nearly four years since with the exception of his two previous summer visits. As Liam dug through the box of new to him toys, Aiden got more and more upset over his little brother playing with toys that – though he had outgrown them – were his and not Liam’s. We had numerous discussions about how the toys were more age appropriate for Liam than for Aiden and how he should share them with his little brother but that didn’t stop Aiden from not wanting Liam to play with his pirate ship.

So here we are, a little over a year later, and now that the pirate ship is becoming an object of interest for Callan, Liam is finally starting to realize how much it sucks to have your brother taking over your toys. It’s still early…Callan can’t even walk yet, but give him some time and Liam’s come around will hit him (possible literally if Callan hits even half as much as Liam did) and then it’ll be sweet, sweet payback for everything Liam did to Aiden.


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