Liam’s Book Club: I’m a Big Brother!

I’m a Big Brother! by Ronne Randall, illustrated by Kristina Stephenson

One of our newest acquisitions, I’m a Big Brother! was a gift for Liam from Grandma (Ian’s mother) when she came to visit after Callan was born. It begins on the day that Luke’s parents bring the new gender non-specific baby home from the hospital (Liam has named this baby Callan and I am required to replace the word Baby with Callan) and deals with his desire to  play with his new sibling who needs to grow first.

It’s a sweet little story that doesn’t show any of the jealousy that I was scared of getting from Liam. I consider it a wonderful example for him and consequently read it to him quite a bit…to the point that he started requesting it. This, too, got added to our bedtime story list which generally made it difficult to make sure that I read Luke but said Liam (reading when you’re tired always makes it harder to switch names like that).

All in all, it’s a great story and I would totally recommend it to parents who are worried about their toddler’s reaction to his new little brother or sister. There is also one for little girls called I’m a Big Sister!


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