Lesson of the Day: Don’t Wish Time Away…

Today’s lesson: Don’t wish time away because you never know what you will miss when it’s gone.

It’s no secret that in the evening, after the kids have gone to bed my husband and I get online and play World of Warcraft together (though that will probably change to the new Star Wars game when it comes out since it’s Star Wars and looks awesome so far). We’ve been playing with a few guys for years now and last night, Ian managed to convince one of the guys who used to play with us to get on our chat program for a visit. Liam (who never sleeps) just happens to adore this guy and wound up commandeering his father’s headset to talk to him.

The cute little, “Hello Robbie,” had everyone going, “aww,” and we all cut back on the conversation a bit to listen to my three-year-old chat with Rob. When Ian finally wrested his headset away from Liam (I heard a scream of frustrated anger from Ian’s computer room when Liam lost control of the microphone), one of the mothers in the channel commented on how she couldn’t wait for her little girl (almost a year old) to start really talking instead of baby babble.

At that point, nearly every parent in the channel was scrambling to tell her that no matter how cute it was when her little one first started talking, there would come a time when she would be dying for her to stop talking. Liam is at that point now. As adorable as we thought it was when he uttered his first words of “peas” and “socks” (that’s right, not “mum or “dad”), and as funny as I found it when he started using four syllable words (properly too!), I am now to the point where I would love a moment of silence.

Yet as much as I wish he would not wake Callan up with his endless chatter, I have to remind myself that it will be only too soon before he’ll be off to school and then perhaps a moody teenager followed by being of to school yet again. So no matter how much I want some peace and quite, I let him ramble on because like – the baby babble – soon enough, this too shall pass and when it does, I’m sure I’ll miss how I know what he’s thinking and what he’s doing simply because he tells me…non-stop from the moment he wakes up in the morning to the moment he passes out at night.



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2 responses to “Lesson of the Day: Don’t Wish Time Away…

  1. I didn’t know you played WoW, we just got rid or accounts, with Jack being so little we haven’t found the time to play it.

    • Ian got me started in 2005 (playing Horde on Illidan) a couple months after we met. I did stop for a while in 2008 to play Warhammer but I started up again a little over a year ago. I wound up doing a lot of rep farming and fishing when Callan was tiny – especially when I had to sit up half the night with him. When Liam was little, I played the AH but that was about it. Now we do arenas as soon as Callan’s asleep and I’ve become a master at one-handed healing while I’m nursing.

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