Lesson of the Day: If You Don’t Remember Where You Put It…

Today’s lesson: If you don’t remember where you put it, how are you going to find it?

A few weeks ago, we bought Aiden a new watch. The idea behind it was that he could go out and play with his friends and know what time he had to come home. More-so, I wanted him to have a watch when school started because last year he was coming home 20 minutes later than he was told to (I didn’t realize it took an hour for a 15-minute walk down the street) which led me to believe that he had no sense of time whatsoever. So he picked out a fancy Indiglo model that had a Velcro strap. It looked really cute on him (don’t tell him I called him cute, he might squeal and run away covering his head for fear that kisses may follow).

School started on Thursday and he wore it both Thursday and Friday. Then the weekend came and I’m pretty sure he didn’t touch it the entire time…at least I’m mostly sure that I’m pretty sure. He spent a night at his grandfather’s place and swears that he didn’t take it with him, let alone leave it there. Since Mona recalls not seeing it on his wrist when he left to visit his grandfather, I’ll have to take their word for it that he did indeed leave it home.

Then Tuesday rolled around. He was going to ride his bike to school and I was going to give him until 5 to get home provided he went to one of the local playgrounds with some friends as opposed to riding all over the place. Obviously, he needed his watch to tell him when it was 5PM. And here comes the problem: he couldn’t find it. We searched pretty well every room in the house – twice – and still couldn’t find it. In a matter of 4 days, Aiden’s watch has completely disappeared. He remembers timing things at school on Friday and after that it’s a total blank as to what he did with it. He doesn’t even remember taking it off!

The little mean voice in me is saying, “well, if you’d stop taking it off all over the place,” and, “if you’d put it in the same place every time you put it down…” Of course, I can’t say those things out loud since I’m sure he feels bad enough as it is and it probably isn’t good parenting to point out his mistakes in a negative way. We’ll just have to keep looking and in the meantime, he’ll just have to come straight home from school. I hope we find it soon.


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