Darth Baby

Or Using Star Wars Impersonations to Determine Baby Health.

Recently, the little guy has started gurgling quite frequently. Before he’d do it on occasion and no one would really take notice except to answer back with a gurgle of his (or my) own. This all changed late last week when he started going on gurgling binges. He can go for a good five minutes straight gurgling and giggling before taking a little break just to start up again. His grandmother noticed this the other day and prompted the discussion about Callan sounding like a Wookie.

So here’s the deal: if your little guy sounds like he could be having an intellectual conversation with Chewbacca, chances are that he’s a happy and relatively healthy baby. The moment your baby starts sounding like a male Skywalker (i.e. all whiny) you should consider taking his temperature and keep an eye on him…chances are he’s not feeling all that well. The real kicker, though, is when you realize that you’ve got Darth Baby in your arms. Suddenly your cute little cooing and gurgling baby has turned into a mouth breathing Sith Lord à la Vader. That’s when you know there’s something wrong. In our case, Callan had caught the strange summer cold that hit our house over the weekend. Oddly enough, he’s still happy – he spoke a little Wookie today though nothing close to his  marathon conversations of the past few days.

Just note, if your baby starts sounding like Yoda, it’s time to stop calling him a baby and face the fact that he’s now a toddler.


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