Lesson of the Day: If You’re Not Sick…

Today’s Lesson: If you’re not sick by the end of your visit, then escape while you can and don’t change your ticket.

Almost guaranteed, every time that Ian’s mother comes to visit she winds up getting sick while she’s here (either a cold or a flu). This year, her three week visit got cut short by a week due to unfortunate circumstances. We asked when she got here if she was planning to extend her visit for another week into September to make up for the one she missed but, at the time, she was unsure. Then, in the middle of her second week, she decided she would stay a third week after all.

This was all fine and well since no one was sick after all…until Saturday night. That’s when it hit Ian. By Monday – one day after the original departure date – everyone in the house was either already sick or showing signs of getting sick with the possible exceptions of Aidan and Callan (though I think Callan may have this little cold too and Aiden only escaped because he visited his grandfather over the weekend). Unfortunately, colds hit asthmatics harder than non-asthmatics so both Ian and Mona will feel the effects of the cold far longer and stronger than the rest of us.

Now, Mona has kept her track record of getting sick while visiting us and has only four more days to recover if she wants to fly pain-free on her new departure date. For her sake, I hope she recovers because no one wants to fly with sinus congestion and paying to change her flight again would just suck.

The lesson for the rest of you: If you want to stay healthy, don’t visit us for more than a couple days.


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