Liam’s Book Club: my peek-a-boo book

my peek-a-boo book by Manhattan Toy

Technically, this is  a toy, but since it’s a cloth book and both Liam and Callan love it, I figured it was worth some attention. This book was actually one of my purchases. I found it in a baby shop that my mother and stopped by when I had taken Liam across the country to visit my family. I remember deliberating over it for a while due to the price and finally caving in and picking it up thinking that I had never seen it before and would be unlikely to find it at home. It turns out I’ve seen it quite a bit in the years since.

A sweet little cloth book, my peek-a-boo book uses flaps made of fuzzy and crinkle fabrics for babies to look under in a search for Baby. The background pages have colourful stripes, dots, or even flowers on them as well as the object hidden behind the flap. The front page has a stuffed baby face on it made of fuzzy fabric (complete with ears!) with embroidered hair, eyes, nose and mouth. It was so adorable that I absolutely had to buy it (and then told myself that I shouldn’t but did anyway)!

I swear I have dozens of pictures of Liam reading this book at around 5 months. I would have a pile of Callan reading it as well but he prefers to eat it and Liam keeps monopolizing all of the camera time. Then again, maybe all Liam’s ‘reading’ was just a bit of natural baby narcissism and he was really just staring at himself in the little mirror on the last page – what a great way to find Baby!



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2 responses to “Liam’s Book Club: my peek-a-boo book

  1. oooohhh! Have you seen it in any of the big stores like Chapters? Hoping I might be able to find this one somewhere near me.

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