Liam’s Book Club: Kisses Kisses Baby-O!

Kisses Kisses Baby-O! by Sheree Fitch and illustrated by Kathy Kaulbach

This book is another one that came to us in the Read to Me bag. I really do wish we had a program like this where we are now. Using rhyming and alliteration, Sheree Fitch takes us through a baby’s day complete with lots of cuddles and kisses. Her word choices give the book a very light touch that makes it great for calm down time. My only problem with the wording is the use of bathing to rhyme with laughing. Bath is a noun. The verb is bathe and therefore bathing ought to have a long ‘a’ sound. This proves a stumbling point for me at least, though others may not have a problem with it.

The illustrations (done by Kathy Kaulbach but the copyright belongs to HildaRose) are quite well done. The people are more realistic looking than cartoonish which I like. Each page features a different family with different coloring which is great for helping to teach inclusiveness at a young age. My favorite, though, is the one that shows a mother nursing her baby – it’s rare that illustrations for feeding time don’t involve a bottle.

Kisses Kisses Baby-O didn’t spark a lot of interest in Liam until he was in his baby recognition stage and then he wanted to point out the baby on every page. Still, as mentioned before, it’s a good book for calm down time. You can also give kisses and tickles when they’re mentioned, so it’s a great book for interaction while you’re reading to  your little one.


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