Lesson of the Day: If You Want to Get Something Done…

Today’s lesson: If you want to get something done, kick them all out.

With Ian on vacation and Grandma arriving yesterday evening, there are finally more adults to entertain the kids for the last few days before school starts again (nine days!). This, of course, gives me the opportunity to do a few things. On of my projects is a Christmas gift for Liam that I can’t work on when he’s around. I have mentioned to both Mona and Ian that I’ll need a little time with Liam out of the house so I can finish up and move on to something else, but I expected them to want a day or two to relax before hitting the sights.

Imagine my surprise when, this morning, Mona asked the boys what they wanted to do today and started listing off excursions! Aiden picked the local amusement park and after breakfast and a hurried round of getting everyone ready, they were off.

It’s just Callan and I now and I just put him down to sleep so I’ve got a plan to make the most of it:

Step 1) Clean the table off. Step 2) … Step 3) PROFIT!

Oh, wait…that’s not it. Well, I do have to clean the table off and then take out my cutting board and the fabric. I hope to get everything cut out and get back to sewing before I get the warning call from Ian to tell me that they’re on their way home. With any luck, I’ll get my little project to the “Oops, I should have picked up batting as well,” point which will leave me pretty well finished.

Side lesson: Once you’ve kicked them all out and put the baby down, get off the computer and get to work or you won’t get anything done!

That said, I’m off to work. Wish me luck!


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