Lesson of the Day: If You Mess With the Thermostat…

Today’s Lesson: If you mess with the thermostat, make sure to reset it before going to bed.

It’s been rather cool here overnight lately, and consequently chilly in the morning when we get up (and sometimes well into the afternoon). The past two mornings, I’ve woken up to a cold house as well as the chilly exterior. This is unexpected for me since we had a new furnace and air conditioner installed just before Callan was born and I was the one to set the thermostat. I know it’s not supposed to get colder than 20 degrees in here during the day so it always comes as a surprise when it is.

Both days, I cursed inside my head a little and then pressed a few buttons to ensure that I wasn’t going to freeze in my house in the middle of summer (as a side note, I’m going to be that little old lady in her rocking chair with three blankets, still complaining about the draught and asking for another blanket). On Wednesday, once the house got back up to a comfortable temperature, I completely forgot that I had done anything with the thermostat…until Ian came home from work and complained that it was 25 degrees in here and adjusted the thermostat again. Now, since I’m the one who set the thing, I know it’s never supposed to be warmer than 23 degrees in here (to avoid having the A/C running all the time) and yet it was. I can explain this: apparently, my sleep-hazy mind switched the system to Heat and turned the temperature up as opposed to making sure it was set to Auto (which would adjust the heat to stay within the high and low settings). So, when it finally got warmer outside, it also got warmer inside and the A/C didn’t turn on because the system was sure it should be pumping out heat to keep the house at 21 degrees (did I mention I was cold) – my fault.

So this morning, when I found the internal temperature at 19 degrees (yes, it’s not much, but I could feel the difference) I actually looked at the settings and found it on Cool instead of Auto. I can explain this: when Ian lowered the temperature when he came home from work, he turned the system to Cool as opposed to Auto – his fault.

The thing about our system is that as long as you leave it on Auto, no matter what changes you make, it will reset at specific times. If you change it to Heat or Cool, it will stay there until you change it again. Knowing this, I got smart and switched to Auto when I got up (and cranked it up a degree on top just to make sure the heat turned on…it is only 12 outside). Hopefully, this will solve our little problem and it will not hit 25 in here, today, forcing Ian to turn it down again. Regardless, I’m going to have to make an effort to check before I go to bed just to make sure that it’s running as it should be.

Now get me my cane so I can go find the source of that draught myself. You young whippersnappers are good for nothing! Didn’t I warn you that you didn’t seal your doors and windows properly?


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