Lesson of the Day: If You Take the Train to Work…

Today’s Lesson: If you take the train to work, you should know the alternate routes home for when the train breaks down…again.

It’s been almost a weekly occurrence this summer that Ian has called me from a train platform to let me know that he’ll be late because there are issues with the trains. I inevitably respond with, “Well, go to 6th and catch the 301 North. Get off when you can connect with the 20 and then come West until you get to the station. From there you can take a train (if they’re running by then) or a bus to where you parked the car. It’ll save you time.”

He invariably replies with, “I don’t know that route.”

Of course I say, “You don’t need to know the route, you just have to tell your bus driver that you need to connect with the 20 and he’ll let you know when to get off.”

The problem with that logic is that he’s a man. We all know that men don’t ask for directions unless it’s absolutely necessary and even then, they’ll wait a little longer just to make sure that they need to.

Today, I suggested that he use his fancy phone to go to the Transit site and look up the routes so that he would know them and he could get home to relieve me of my duties for a little while. The whole time we were talking, he could hear a crying baby in the background and I was trying to make dinner. Unfortunately, his mind was already made up: he went back to his office to wait (so he said…when he got home, I’m sure I heard something about a beer).

He finally got home around 7:40 – almost two hours after he normally gets home. The boys had all been fed and two out of three had bathed/showered with the third one in the tub. He’s just now eating dinner – at 8PM when he could have been eating over an hour ago if he’d followed my advice.

I think it’s about time I took him to our Transit website and showed him the escape routes from Downtown. Then he’ll have to come up with other excuses for continuing to wait around.


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