Button, Button

Button, Button, Let Me Press the Button!

I think everyone knows that kids love buttons and all the more when they do something when you press them. Toy manufacturers know this, why else would there be so many toys on the market with buttons that cause cool things to happen? The thing is, you don’t need waste your money on fancy toys for kids to have fun – just let them press buttons!

For Liam, remote controls and telephones were the best toys out there. He could sit for ages pressing buttons on them. In fact, the more you wanted to use it, the more likely he was to press every button he could more than once. He’s now into cars and superheroes so I’d forgotten about this until recently when our little mover started pressing buttons on his own.

Callan hit the big 0.5 years last month and decided to celebrate with getting his move on. He’s been rolling all over my living room for a couple weeks now. One day, I was in the kitchen making dinner and I heard the Xbox360 turn on. I checked the room and found no one there but the baby…rolled all the way up to the TV stand with his hand on the Xbox power button, ready to press it again. And why not? Not only does it make an awesome sound when you press it, but it also lights up and then if you press it again, the light goes off.

Today, he rolled over to the TV stand for the sole purpose of pressing that button – which he did three or four times. It made me realize that he’s remembering things for longer and becoming aware of what he wants. He’s even started using the universal “pick me up” signal of raising his hands to you when you get close to him. I can’t get over the changes in the last couple weeks as he almost lunges from my arms to try to play with his brothers or as he sees a toy on the floor and figures out how to go get it. Nothing is safe from him now!

This, of course, is only the beginning of his life-long relationship with buttons that I’m sure will involve several fights over who gets to ring the bell on the bus, pick the elevator floor, or unnecessarily push the button to open the wheelchair door. So when the boys start driving me nuts in their race to hit the button first, I’ll have stand there and remember how adorable they were: Liam pressing button ofter button on the phone and Callan with his hand over the power button on the Xbox and maybe, just maybe, it’ll remind me of how innocent they are in their demands. After all, if a cardboard box can be a spaceship, who knows what those very real buttons could be.



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2 responses to “Button, Button

  1. Roy Brash

    Just read your blog. You are a wonderful writer. Keep it up ,you could do this as a serious thing, your talent shows.

    • Thank you Roy.

      I used to write quite a bit several years ago but got out of the habit. I consider this my way of getting back into practice so that maybe one day I’ll be able to do more.

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