Music to My Ears

Music to my ears: the sound of pee tinkling in the toilet

With the little monster clocking in at 3+ years on the planet, it’s about time he learned to use the toilet. In fact, we started the journey of toilet training over a year ago when we picked up a training ring and step stool. We had decided that the apartment was too small for a potty (and I didn’t like the idea of him going in the kitchen) so we went for the ring. At the start, he was mostly amiable when we insisted he sit on it, but at the same time, he flat out refused to “go.” Eventually, we decided that he just wasn’t ready and gave up for a while.

We got him the cool Toy Story themed Pull-Ups that had fading designs that told you when you’ve peed…they did not help. If anything, he kept peeing in them to make the picture go away. Then he started not peeing over night and we figured he’d be ready for the toilet. Not a chance! Instead, he’d let it all out at once and flood the Pull-Up while we weren’t looking.

Really, our timing was rather horrible. I’ve read that it’s hard to potty train when there’s a bit of upheaval in a child’s life and we’ve had nothing but changes since last summer. First, I got pregnant, then his older brother came to live with us, I left work to stay home (daycare for two is rather pricey), we moved right before Christmas, finally the baby was born at the end of January. Nevertheless, through all this, the thoughts of potty training never left me for long.

Sometime between the move and the baby, we picked up a Cars themed potty. He is a big fan of Lightning McQueen so I figured it might prompt him to go. Unfortunately, it has a cool “flush” effect that sounds like a revving motor. He was more interested in sitting on the potty simply so he could “flush” it and not so much to actually use it. Then again, I think the revving sound is awesome and occasionally accidentally bump into it to make it go off when I think no one will notice.

Recently, we tried sitting him on the toilet with water running to get him going. Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to get a toddler to do anything he or she doesn’t want to, but it never turns out how you planned. Not only did he not pee, but he made quick work of taking apart the ribbon dragonflies on the shower curtain (I knew I should have bought the other one that I’d been looking at). He followed that one up by screaming every time we got him near the toilet. Once again, I became resigned to the thought that my kid would be the one wearing Pull-Ups to school when he’s five.

So here I was, pulling double kids on diaper duty, wishing to whatever being grants wishes these days that the diaper train would end. Some days were so horrifying that I went from changing a baby diaper to changing pajamas, a Pull-Up and cleaning pee out of the carpet (oh yes, pee…in the carpet…and it wasn’t from the baby rolling over during a change), and then back to the baby to change a poopy diaper, perhaps followed up by a poopy Pull-Up. It may be your idea of a fun time, but my hands were (and still are) cursing every single change.

Then miracle day happened. No, not the day that everyone but Captain Jack Harkness was immortal, but the day when Liam finally peed on the toilet. In fact, he didn’t just pee on the toilet once on miracle day, he peed on the toilet at least three times! Once, I exited the washroom to find him sitting on the couch waiting for me, I was greeted with, “Mummy I need to pee on the toilet.” That moment right there was one of the best ones I’d had all week (baby smiles not included). After weeks of cleaning pee off of all sorts of flooring surfaces, he finally wanted to pee in the toilet. Not only that, but he made the effort to tell us so that we could ensure that he got there! How much better could it get?

I’ll tell you how much better it could get. That was on Sunday. It’s now very early Wednesday morning (though I like to still consider it Tuesday night) and we have had three successful days of toilet peeing with one toilet bowel movement. The best part, though, is when he finished washing his hands, turned to me and said, “I peed in the toilet. Can I go to school now?”



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2 responses to “Music to My Ears

  1. That is an awesome story. Though it doesn’t make me look forward to potty training Jack at all.
    I’ve been told by my mother in law that a bowl of M&M’s in the bathroom very affectively trained all four of her boys.
    My mother says that my brother and I more or less potty trained ourselves. Apparently we just decided we didn’t like diapers and started using the toilet on our own. I can only pray that things will be that easy with Jack.

    • I’m now convinced that the trick is to not listen to anyone when they tell you that your child should be using the toilet already. Make sure he knows the bathroom is available for him and then let him use it when he’s ready. Oh, and hope that he never accidentally pees on the carpet.

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