Lesson of the Day: Rolling Over is Fun!


Our little traveler has got his move on! He’s not crawling yet, but he certainly knows how to roll himself from one side of the room to another. So far, his favourite time to show off this new skill is during a diaper change. There’s got to be something about the feel of something other than a diaper on your little boy parts that makes this such a great idea. This, unfortunately, leads to the side effect of parental panic as you watch that freshly undiapered bottom roll away. Nothing says “worry” like the thought that you’ll soon be cleaning pee – or worse – out of your carpet (again).

Over the last week, I swear the littlest guy has done laps around our upstairs living room. As awesome as it is to watch, it’s still a little disconcerting. I haven’t managed to get the baby gates back up since the move. At first it was because I was pregnant, then it was because I couldn’t find the drill bits. Now, we’ve got borrowed bits and I still haven’t done it because I didn’t want to have to be the one to do it…especially since I installed both gates in the apartment. Alas, Grandma (Ian’s mother) arrives on Sunday so I’ve got five days to get myself motivated and get that gate up.

The bonus of this new-found mobility is that it comes with grabby hands. I’ve had the hardest time getting Liam to pick up his toys. He seems to think that the living room is his toy room and that it’s perfectly fine to drag out new toys and not put the old ones away. Of course, now, any toy the gets left out is a target for the little hands and consequently the little mouth. After learning this the hard way with a few of his favourite toys and books, Liam has finally started “cleaning up.”  Unfortunately, his version of cleaning up the toys in the living room is to dump them on the floor of his bedroom. I guess it’s one step at a time.


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