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Liam’s Book Club: Kisses Kisses Baby-O!

Kisses Kisses Baby-O! by Sheree Fitch and illustrated by Kathy Kaulbach

This book is another one that came to us in the Read to Me bag. I really do wish we had a program like this where we are now. Using rhyming and alliteration, Sheree Fitch takes us through a baby’s day complete with lots of cuddles and kisses. Her word choices give the book a very light touch that makes it great for calm down time. My only problem with the wording is the use of bathing to rhyme with laughing. Bath is a noun. The verb is bathe and therefore bathing ought to have a long ‘a’ sound. This proves a stumbling point for me at least, though others may not have a problem with it.

The illustrations (done by Kathy Kaulbach but the copyright belongs to HildaRose) are quite well done. The people are more realistic looking than cartoonish which I like. Each page features a different family with different coloring which is great for helping to teach inclusiveness at a young age. My favorite, though, is the one that shows a mother nursing her baby – it’s rare that illustrations for feeding time don’t involve a bottle.

Kisses Kisses Baby-O didn’t spark a lot of interest in Liam until he was in his baby recognition stage and then he wanted to point out the baby on every page. Still, as mentioned before, it’s a good book for calm down time. You can also give kisses and tickles when they’re mentioned, so it’s a great book for interaction while you’re reading to  your little one.


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Lesson of the Day: Good Behavior is a Myth

Today’s lesson: Good behavior is a myth or they’re always waiting for you to let your guard down.

The good behavior myth applies to all ages and I’m sure several people have stories of their own childhoods where they presented their parents with a little angel while plotting something rather devious when out of sight. What you may not know (or recall) is that even babies wait for you to let your guard down.

I’ll start with a little background info. After having to clean up Liam’s Rocket Pooh and Jet Pee, we learned our diaper changing lesson. Under no circumstance should you try to remove a diaper without first giving the baby a warning that it’s about to get cold down there. Oh, and cover up. We have a method all worked out: 1) put Callan on the change pad 2) cover up using a receiving blanket 3) open diaper for a few seconds and then re-close 4) get everything ready (and sometimes wait a little longer) 5) change diaper. The step 3/4 combo usually lets the little one get that last burst off pee out before you remove the diaper thereby guaranteeing a pee-free diaper change…the blanket is a safety precaution.

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New (School) Year’s Resolutions

I look at the beginning of January as just another day. Sure, it’s the beginning of the new calendar year, but that doesn’t mean much when you’re still busy trying to get everything put away from Christmas. For the vast majority of my life, the beginning of September has been a more definitive year beginning than the beginning of January. With the fast approaching beginning of the new school year, it’s a good time to implement a few changes for the good of all…or at least my sanity. So here they are, my new (school) year’s resolutions:

1) Turn the TV off and the radio on – I love that Liam loves superheros (and Scooby Doo) so much, but I’m tired of listening to the same episodes over and over again…especially when he’s actually playing and not really watching. Listening to music while the house was empty today made me remember how much it helps to keep me level which I should be striving for every day…especially with kids.

2) Take the kids out to parks/for walks while the weather is nice – I had been tired for months and finally got my energy back just before school let out but the thought of getting three kids ready to go anywhere by myself is draining. They won’t learn to love the outdoors on their own, though (at least not without bribing them with fun outdoor toys), so I’ve got to stop making excuses and get going.

3) Find a cause and get involved – It’s amazing how good it can make you feel to help others out and the best way to help your children develop a social conscious is through your actions. I feel like I lack direction and hope that giving my time to something (no matter how small) may help give me focus.

4) Plan dinner the day before – Too often, we eat something ‘quick’ because it’s too late to thaw something (I dislike using the microwave to thaw my food) by the time I get around to planning dinner. Planning early will help me make sure that I have everything I need and that we’re eating more healthily.

5) Use that construction paper! – My mother sent me an old package of construction paper that we received shortly after we had bought a new pack. So here we are with two large packs of paper and we’re not doing crafts with them. The boys need an outlet for their creativity…other than my walls.

6) Turn the computer off and the sewing machine on – Okay, maybe the computer will stay on but I can turn the monitor off at least. As hobbies go, creating something is far cooler than staring at pixels and you never know, it may lead to something.

7) Use WiiFit more often – Ian bought it for my birthday almost three years ago now and I haven’t used it nearly as much as I ought to have.

I give no guarantees that I will actually stick to all of these, but I intend to do my best…for now.

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Lesson of the Day: If You Want to Get Something Done…

Today’s lesson: If you want to get something done, kick them all out.

With Ian on vacation and Grandma arriving yesterday evening, there are finally more adults to entertain the kids for the last few days before school starts again (nine days!). This, of course, gives me the opportunity to do a few things. On of my projects is a Christmas gift for Liam that I can’t work on when he’s around. I have mentioned to both Mona and Ian that I’ll need a little time with Liam out of the house so I can finish up and move on to something else, but I expected them to want a day or two to relax before hitting the sights.

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Liam’s Book Club: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The Very Hungry Caterpillar  by Eric Carle

I remember reading this book in school as a child but had quite forgotten about it until it arrived in the mail. Yet another board book that we didn’t purchase, The Very Hungry Caterpillar came to us for being part of a 3 Cheers for the Early Years study when Liam was smaller. It has since become another favourite for Liam (although today he’s taken to calling it Callan’s book) and has been added to the list of bedtime books that we must get through before he’ll consider closing his eyes. Last night, I ended up searching for it since it wasn’t where I remembered seeing it last and he was requesting it.

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Lesson of the Year: It Takes Seven to Eight Months to Finish the Job

This year’s lesson: It takes seven to eight months to finish the job.

I was sitting here, typing the day’s lesson when I heard the motors, bangs and thumps of machinery in the back ally. After listening for a while, I finally had to get up to check if what I though was going on really was happening (I’ve been fooled before). Sure enough, there are city workers in the back and it looks like they’re filling in some holes.

We bought this house in December, and within a week or two of possession, we started having drainage problems. We called 3-1-1 and had some city workers come to take a look. They did something that cleared it up for a couple days, but the drainage problems came back so they scheduled a team to come with a camera so they could take a look…in January. Come mid-January, they finally showed up and took a look: our drain was severely broken about 25m out (that’s on city property). The good news: we didn’t have to pay to have it fixed. The bad news: we were on limited water usage until it was fixed.

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Lesson of the Day: If You Mess With the Thermostat…

Today’s Lesson: If you mess with the thermostat, make sure to reset it before going to bed.

It’s been rather cool here overnight lately, and consequently chilly in the morning when we get up (and sometimes well into the afternoon). The past two mornings, I’ve woken up to a cold house as well as the chilly exterior. This is unexpected for me since we had a new furnace and air conditioner installed just before Callan was born and I was the one to set the thermostat. I know it’s not supposed to get colder than 20 degrees in here during the day so it always comes as a surprise when it is.

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