Lesson of the Day: If You Take Something Apart and Save it for Later…

Lesson-3-Lose one

With the little one’s big 0.5 looming on the horizon, I figured it would be a good idea to get the high chair all set up and ready to go. We had picked up a Safety 1st seat that straps to a chair for our fist guy since we didn’t have lots of space in the apartment for a full chair. The beauty of that chair was that you could take it apart in stages to fit your child’s needs.The problem is that it is now “Lot 6-6-6, a highchair in pieces.” Not that it’s up for auction, just that was scattered all over the apartment as we took it apart and then all over the house after we moved. I have thus far managed to find three pieces: the seat, the back, and the tray. “Not Bad!” you might think…except that the shoulder straps are with the lining that is currently M.I.A.

I still have to areas to search and will (hopefully) find it soon, but in the meantime, I can’t let Callan sit at the table with us. The poor little guy has been becoming increasingly interested in what’s going on at the table and keeps trying to grab plates, utensils, and food from me when I eat with him on my lap. The good news is that the straps will be easy to replicate so if I don’t find them by this weekend, I’ll wind up heading to the local fabric store for some webbing to make my own (I hope they have tan!) and may end up looking for something to make a replacement liner out of too.

Wish me luck, I just may need it!


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