Liam’s Book Club: Brown Bear Brown Bear

As far back as I can remember, I have loved books. I have memories of asking my parents for “just $5” so that I could pick up the newest book of whatever series or author I was reading at the time…you know, back when kids’ books were just $4.95. Prices may have changed, but the anticipation that I get from a new book still hasn’t. This is something I’m trying to pass on to the boys so that they too can enjoy wonderful new worlds at the turn of a page. As a result, we have tons of books in out house for a variety of ages. There are definitely some stand-outs (the nine-year-old devoured the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series) that I intend to highlight here.

Brown Bear Brown Bear by Bill Martin Jr and illustrated by Eric Carle

Brown Bear Brown BearWe got this one in February from one of my cousins who recalled her mother (an elementary school teacher) getting it for her when she was young. She picked up the board book version which has awesome sliding doors.  The durability of the board book is great if you’ve got several younger children. The recommended ages are about 0-3 though I can see children loving it in early elementary as well.

Liam was easily drawn in by the repetition which is simple enough that he was reciting it himself on about the 3rd reading. The pictures make the animals easy to identify and help children learn not only animal names but also colours. The sliding doors are easy for young children to slide (unless your little one manages to get them sticky) so they can read to themselves if you’re busy with something.

All told, this is the first book that Liam asks for at bedtime every night which makes it a hit.


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