Out of the Mouths of Babes

Occasionally, someone in the house says something that’s outright funny or oh so cute. When I’m lucky, I manage to jot it down for later. Below is a compiled list of several of the more notable quotes from the past year.

Liam: “Look Mommy, I did it!” I turned around to find him completely naked and holding the Pull-Up that he had just taken off.

Liam: “Mama, I put my shirt on!” And so he had…at least his head was through the neck hole and one arm was in a sleeve (albeit the wrong one), and the best part was that he still had his Star Wars shirt on under his PJ top.

Liam: “Whoa, I popped my nose!”

Me: “Shirt!” Liam: “No!” Me: “Well you can’t be naked.” Liam: “I’m not naked!” And in truth he wasn’t since he was wearing a diaper and socks.

Liam: “Oh, my toys!” In a flash he was out of the room and then came trotting back with an armful of stuffed animals. Dumping them on the counter, he proudly announced, “TADAAAAAAA!”

Me: “What’s the magic word?” Liam: “Word.” Me: “No, what’s the magic word?” Liam: “Not word?”

Liam: “Mama, I need to watch TV.” So he climbs onto my bed, turns the lamp on, gets under the covers, asks for his robot pillow, and falls asleep.

Me: “Sometimes he acts like a two-year-old.” Liam: “I’m not two!” Me: “No? Then how old are you?” Aiden: “Sixteen” Liam: “Yeah, I’m sixteen!”

4:30 PM Thursday Me: Do you have any homework? Aiden: Um, no. 7:55 AM Friday Aiden: Oh, I forgot, I do have homework.

Aiden (while reading an atlas): “I can see Canada!” Liam: “Canada! I don’t like Canada!” Me: “But you live in Canada!” Liam: “I don’t like Canada!”

Me (to Callan): Should we change your bum? Liam: Yep Me: Liam, do you need a bum change? Liam: Nope Me: Does Callan need a bum change? Liam: Yep

Me: Is Callan adorable? Liam: Yeah Me: Are you adorable? Liam: No, I’m redorable and Callan’s yellowdorable. Me: So you’re redorable? Liam: Yeah, and you’re bluedorable.

Liam: “Mummy, mummy, mummy! You don’t need Callan, you only need me.”

Liam: “I opened the ‘fridgerator, woohoo! Woohoo!”

Liam: “Where’s Daddy?” Me: “Daddy’s at work.” Liam: “No he’s not, he’s buying me Batman!”

Toothbrush check: dry Me: “Did you floss and brush your teeth?” Aiden: “I need to floss.”

Liam: “I have to go potty and pass the gas.” I found him sitting on the toilet with his pull-up ripped off and his pants on the floor. He’d gotten his step stool from his bedroom and put the training ring on.

Liam: “Grampie buying my Transformers.”

Liam: “I’m eight and a half. I need go school.”

Ian (at 5:30): “What time is it?” Liam: “Eight o’clock.”

Liam: “One, four, nine.” Ian W: “That’s fairly advanced, counting by squares at his age? 1^2, 2^2, 3^2”

Me: “Don’t throw it (his paper airplane) at people.” Liam: “Which way?” Me: “That way.” Liam: “I throw it at the TV…” Me: “No.” Liam: “…and missed. Grr.”

Aiden: “She sells sea shells by the sea shore. See shells sea shells by the sea shore. She says hi.”

Liam: “I like Callan. He’s cute and awesome!”

Ian (in reference to Callan): “He’s giving battle cries and lunging.” Liam: “POOOOOOP!”

Aiden: “And no giant ships…” Me: “What’s wrong with giant ships?” Aiden: “…in the house.” Liam: “I like giant ships.”


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