The Boy Generation

In the spring, I found out that one of my cousins on my mother’s side is pregnant. This threw me for a little bit because I was sure the oldest was about 17 – I haven’t seen her in ages. The reality is that she’s turning 25 this year. Anyway, after giving birth to two boys and having my husband’s first son move in with us, I was hoping my cousin was going to have a girl for whom I could buy cute little dresses. Contrary to my hopes, she found out that she, too, is having a boy. This, of course, is great for hand-me-downs (if she’ll accept them). I’m sure that I’ve got a few cool outfits that hardly got worn at all.

When I fully realized that this would be my grandparents’ third great-grandson, I started thinking a little more about the family composition. My mother was the oldest of five – three daughters and two sons (one of whom was adopted). Her generation was mostly girls. Between the five of them, they had seven children – six girls and one boy (my brother). Again, my generation was mostly girls. Of the seven of us, only three of us are old enough to responsibly have children by the end of the year, we’ll be three for three in favour of boys.

They certainly are turning out to be the boy generation so far. Maybe it’s a good thing we live on the other side of the country – after all those girls, I don’t know if they could handle a pile of boys.


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