The Birth of a Mother – Part 2

I’ve been spending some time reading posts on the Birth Without Fear (BWF) Facebook site recently and have been amazed by all the mothers choosing home births over hospital births. Eventually, though, I discovered part of the reason behind both this and the growing use of midwives. If you’ve ever watched any of those baby shows, you’ll notice that all the parents seems to know that this is the day their baby is going to be born. I didn’t quite understand how they could just know like that until I made the connection with all of the stories on BWF – apparently, scheduling births through induction or c-sections is a big thing with OBs and many mothers have had unwanted c-sections because of this. In response, I want to tell my birth stories to let people know that it’s not like that everywhere and you can use doctors in some areas without worrying about unwanted procedures.

When I tested positive for my second little guy, I had a family doctor but he was so busy that he suggested I stick with the clinic that I used the first time. I didn’t have a problem with that since I had a good experience with them. The low risk clinic was also conveniently located close to where I was working at the time so I could schedule an appointment for the morning and go to work afterwards.

This pregnancy was – in a word – normal. During my October appointment, they made sure that I got my flu shot (with no preservatives) and apologized for not being able to give one to my toddler – they had only been supplied with enough for their expectant mothers and not for their young children (very much how the drugstores had been promised the one with no preservatives and then were told they weren’t getting them). They did, however give my little guy a sticker and a sucker for being good during the appointment. For my Christmas appointment, they gave him a candy cane!

We moved into a house in mid-December when I had about 6-7 weeks left. When no one was looking, I moved furniture and rearranged boxes that couldn’t be opened yet. I felt it was the lesser of two evils: I could stress over things not being done and having to wait for someone else to do it, or I could get it done and relax a little. At this point, I was working part time and getting frustrated with people telling me what I could or couldn’t do or lift after all I was lifting a 30lb toddler at home!

As my due date drew nearer, my husband started working from home, just in case. I’d been having some mild contractions so I wasn’t about to kick him back downtown just to go into labour while he was away. Finally, on the Thursday, I had a doctor’s appointment. I asked them to sweep my membranes to see if it would get things going – my husband couldn’t work from home forever while we waited, especially since he was planning on taking a vacation after the baby was born. I’m now on the fence about this procedure. It was very uncomfortable and I ended up asking the doctor to stop, on the other hand, it worked. That night, I started contractions around 11PM. We’d gotten the 9-year-old to bed a few hours earlier and were having problems getting the toddler to sleep. I left my husband to deal with the little guy, and went to make sure my bags were packed and to pack a bag for the toddler as well. When he came up to tell me that Liam was finally asleep, I told him it was time to go to the Hospital (bad timing or what).

We dropped the boys off with my husband’s Aunt and Uncle and continued on our way. We got checked into L&D triage around 3:00AM and found that I was about 6cm dilated. At that time, my contractions were approximately two minutes apart. They got me to a room as quickly as they could and we set about waiting until I was a full 10cm dilated so I could push. Due to a compression fracture from falling down the stairs shortly after my first boy was born, my contractions were far more painful than they were the first time. Each one started in the front and then triggered the chronic pain in my back. The pain was almost excruciating but I put off taking drugs by telling them I’d let them know if I needed any. Less than two hours later, I wasn’t quite 10cm dilated but told my nurses that I couldn’t not push. Given the go-ahead, I pushed and my water broke with a rather explosive force at 4:59AM. They rushed to get the doctor in since this little guy seemed to be in a hurry.

At 5:08AM, I gave birth to another perfect little boy. This time, though, we couldn’t tell if he would be a red-head or not. He had red and brown hair with frosted tips and it was in a perfect little faux-hawk. The brown has since fallen out leaving him with beautiful red hair.


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